Team - Ayush Kamalia, Dhruv Kumar and Faizan Zahid
Client - Self initiated project.

When we think of architecture, we think of buildings, urban designs, infrastructure, etc. We think of permanence.
However, there are situations when people find themselves living a temporal lifestyle. These people have no option but to keep moving from one place to another. People like refugees, pilgrims and disaster victims. For others like archaeologists, explorers, army, rural support organisations etc its a professional need. They need to live in remote sites with little or no external supply for extended periods. For tourists and travellers, its a recreational need,
The solutions available for them - tents, trailers, RVs, container homes, are highly limited and compromised. Tents are not designed for long terms living, are uncomfortable and insecure. Trailers and RVs on other hand, are very expensive and difficult to maintain. Modular homes are not quite mobile, and require tools and expertise for setting up. Moreover, none of them allow for customisability based on user’s specific needs and desires.
We approached the problem with a fresh perspective, and came up with a portable, modular and customisable architectural solution.
The bigger idea is to not think of architecture as a building, rooted and rigid, but as a gadget, mobile and dynamic.
This is a live project driven by a team of 4 designers, with me being the creative head.