Client - Self initiated in collaboration with Experiential Design Lab Pvt. Ltd.
Team - Abhimanyu Singhal, Hussain Aijaz, Dhruv Kumar.

Since 1940s, the design of wallet has remained more or less unchanged. While the form factor works really well in terms of convenience and simplicity of usage, it comes with its disadvantages. With the rise of embedded technology, we now have the opportunity to re-define the wallet as we know it.

Pree is the most secure, flexible, and efficient wallet ever. It is the next wallet in the greater evolution journey of wallets.

It takes care of pain points like security. Losing a wallet is a terrible and frustrating experience for anyone.
It also grabs on the hidden opportunities like illuminating lights within the wallet.

Developed in collaboration with Experiential Design Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Pree - The Next Wallet from Dhruv on Vimeo.