Client - Magicbricks Pvt. Ltd.

Team - Anurag Sehgal, Yuvraj Singh and Dhruv Kumar

Magicbricks is India's biggest online property discovery platform. In order to gain physical presence, they came up with a strategy to build experience centers across commercial spaces in India and abroad.

Early in the design research stage, we realised that MB platform provides multitude of tools to help users shortlist the properties. But it was difficult to locate and use them on the website. It was also difficult to compare multiple properties against so many parameters.

There were 4 main elements to the proposed customer journey-
1. A large display which spread out the tools and enabled users to use them efficiently. Instead of a 'layered' approach, we went with a 'step-by-step' process.
2. A hologram to attract, and help them look at 3-d graphics in a better way.
3. A VR station, to help users see immersive content of their shortlisted properties.