Client - School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
Team - Ayush Kamalia and Dhruv Kumar.


A kinect powered installation simply traces people from its vision and plots their joints in a virtual 3d space and connects them with specific lines (bones). The same is reflected on a large screen in front of the people. It also assigns different colours to different people for higher legibility. Even though the algorithm itself is very simple and straightforward, people throughly enjoyed the experience.

The code is built on Processing over existing libraries for Kinect v2.

The bigger idea is to understand how advanced responsive systems and architecture can be integrated to form better architecture.


A peaceful creature who minds its own business until it feels threatened. As someone approaches, it threatens the person, and further, attacks.
Code developed in Arduino.
Ultrasonic sensor detects how far the target is. LED lights and buzzers turn off and on erratically when target is in close proximity (1.5 m). When the target is close enough, i.e. 1 m away, a water pump hidden below in a bucket turns on, thus spraying water over the target, surprising him/her.
While the initial idea was to give the mushroom a 360 degree viewing and attacking ability, the servos just refused to work at the last moment. Finally, the mushroom only worked for a single direction.

Design team - Ayush Kamalia and Dhruv Kumar.

Interactive installations from Dhruv on Vimeo.