Automated Design of stiff-rods and air-muscles based Kinetic Geometries


This project is an exploration into the potential of Genetic Algorithms(GA) for automated design of stiff rods and air-muscles based kinetic geometries. It starts with a brief background, which includes the genesis of the research, history and relevant applications of GA.

The hardware components of Magnakit are discussed, along with the simulator’s developed in parallel to the hardware, followed by details of a manual design interface which enables quick and fast digital design of geometries.

The development and results of an objective GA are illustrated and discussed, which is a completely automated method of evolving designs based on a logic understood by the computer, i.e. displacement in +x direction after a certain time interval. And finally, the development and results of an interactive GA, which evolves design based on ratings provided by the user through an easy to use interface is described. After gathering results from the three different methods of design, they are compared and each method’s strengths and weaknesses, and their suitable applications are projected. It ends with a discussion about secondary learnings which have come out of this thesis and are worth exploring in the future.

Please follow link to the paper for more information.

Automated Design of Rapid Kinetics from Magna Kit on Vimeo.